5 Fun Dog House Designs

A typical problem that you could be facing when you’re ready to obtain your chickens or hens is not understanding how to develop your hen house designs. The following will supply you with helpful data to design your hen house.

Prior to thinking about the design, you must identify how many chickens you wish inside your hen house. Begin your hen house designs by first drawing the fundamental floor plan on a piece of paper or even a draft paper to ensure proper measurements by keeping 4 sq. ft per hen in thoughts.  The detailed hen house designs need to include plans for the chicken coop to be sealed up tight against predators. Should you live in cold climate then it’s possible you’ll want to consider insulating the coop and installing lights. An insulated coop will maintain your hens nice and warm within the chilly winter months.

You ought to then identify where the doors and windows will be located. Healthy chickens require a lot of ventilation mainly because their droppings บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน have strong odor. Without proper ventilation your flock could become sick so make sure you have at least one large window covered with chicken wire which will be closable when it gets cold outside.

You will also need a door for you to get inside the hen house. If you’re building a large hen house designs, you could construct in such a way that you can stand up as you get inside the door. Nonetheless, if you are only going to have a few hens then you may want a hinged door which will permit you to reach inside the coop to do cleaning and freshening up of the nesting boxes and collecting eggs every day. Should you want an attached chicken run or yard for the hens then you’ll likely have to have a smaller hen door for them to go in and out from the run.

In addition, your birds should have plenty of light. The hens need light to lay lots of delicious fresh eggs. If a hen doesn’t get sufficient day light she won’t lay as numerous eggs as she could. This is why hens tend to lay fewer eggs inside the winter.


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