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The various forward lights on your Jeep are installed at its front end for a specific purpose: to make night and low visibility driving safer. First, those lights allow you to see the road ahead clearly at night and at other low visibility conditions. And while doing this, the lights also allow other people, especially drivers of vehicles approaching yours, to see your vehicle from afar. used engines

As genuine off-road vehicles, however, Jeep vehicles were made for trekking the rough and rugged off-road track. Using the vehicle for off-roading, however, would only mean damages to the Jeep front lights. It is, therefore, not surprising if you just see the front lights of your Jeep shattered after an off-road ride. Good thing, there is an online auto parts supplier that can provide you with all the replacement lights you will need at the front area of your Jeep.

Here is a list of some of the Jeep front lights that is essential to your vehicles:

o Jeep Headlights (passenger side and driver side)

Headlights or headlamps refer to the main pair of lights attached to the front of your Jeep. Its main purpose is to illuminate the road ahead during low visibility conditions like when you’re driving at night or during a precipitation.

o Jeep Parking Lights (passenger side and driver side)

The parking lights or parking lamps (also called sidelights in UK, city lights in Russia, and standing lamps or position lamps in other regions) are the pair of white or amber lamps also installed at the front of the vehicle, usually integrated on the front bumper. The main function of parking lamps is to mark the front end of your Jeep while it is parked on the side of the highway at night. As a secondary function, these lamps serve as reserve front position indicating system in case the headlights go off.

o Jeep Front Fog Lights (passenger side and driver side)

Fog lights refer to the pair of lights (optional components on most Jeep vehicle models) added at the front of the vehicle to help the headlights illuminate the road in extremely low visibility conditions, especially during fogs and other types of weather extremities. Fog lights gives off a wide, low beam light that won’t bounce back through precipitation, unlike headlights that would.

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